Font List

This is a page to keep track of interesting (and usually free) fonts that I come across.

Atipo Foundry

I really like a few fonts from Atipo. However, Calendas Plus stands out above the rest. That's the font that's (at the time of writing) being used for this article.

Calendas Plus

Google Fonts

When fooling around with Shopify's store editor, I looked through the Google Fonts they had available for the Brooklyn theme and put the ones I liked in a collection.

Serif collection

Sans-Serif collection



I came across this font while checking out gruvbox.

Fira 4.1 Page


Came across this font from an HN comment.


Source Foundry

I think I found this shared on reddit many moons ago.


National Park

Shared in a Typewolf email. Free sans-serif font.

National Park

DejaVu Serif

Noticed that the font used for Java documentation was really nice.

DejaVu Serif


Was reading an article on Martin Fowler's Site and liked the font he was using for body text.


Fira Code

Not sure where I learned about this, but I've been using it for years now. Love it.

Fira Code